Patch 13 incoming!!

It looks like patch 13 will hit before the weekend if all goes well. There will be a character wipe with this patch and we will also be seeing some of the new skill system in effect.

Below is the original Blizzard blue post explaining this:

“We’re currently in the process of preparing the next beta patch for release and wanted to provide all beta testers with a heads-up that a character wipe will be included. Please note that, as with previous character wipes, this wipe will also affect gold, items, followers, and artisans. (Beta Bucks will be reset, as well.)

We’re hoping to release Beta Patch 13 before the weekend, but we don’t yet have a precise ETA. As always, we’ll provide more information as it becomes available, and patch notes will be posted here once the patch is live.

Thanks for your continued feedback and testing!”

Release date information

Blizzard have recently said that unfortunately there will be no Diablo 3 in Q1 of 2012. This means D3 should almost definitely be released in Q2 of 2012 if nothing else goes wrong. We can’t be sure there won’t be any more delays though as it was already delayed from 2011 to Q1 of 2012 and then from Q1 to Q2 of 2012.

Graphics, Co-op play, Voice chat

Blizzard have announced 3 main features that will affect D3 on launch:

There will be no ‘Ultra’ graphics settings, D3 has never been about amazing graphics but hopefully in the future we will see such a feature implemented.
Co-op play will not exceed 4 people despite there being 5 different classes.
There will be no voice chat on launch as Blizzard want it to go smoothly and don’t want to hassle with the difficulties of voice chat.

New Beta Invites!

Over the past few days, it has been announced by Blizzard that over 100,000 beta invites for D3 have been sent out to players who have used the opt in service on their battle net accounts. The full post can be read here.

Reduced Stash Space

With the release of patch 10 beta players have noticed that the stash space available has been reduced. This is actually a result of a problem with Blizzard’s infrastructure and they are worried about the swarm of items being stored by players on release night. The full explanation can be read below:

“We reevaluated average character and account storage space requirements, and found it necessary to ensure we could handle what we anticipate will be a large amount of data very quickly after release.

Diablo III has both the benefit and disadvantage of having completely random items. Pretty much everything can roll up different affixes, if not a range of its benefits. That’s obviously great because the item hunt is what it’s all about, more randomization means you can keep chasing that perfect item, but that means the amount of data needed to describe an item is much, much larger than say, a World of Warcraft item, which is static and only needs a unique number to identify it. For example: that number there at the end is that item’s unique number. That’s all we need to store to identify that item no matter where it is. A Diablo III item first has to say the base item, then each individual affix that it rolled up, then the ranges of each variable, and if it has any sockets. And we have to think about everywhere an item can be, an item on the ground is still an item, and so is an item on the auction house.

We obviously have room to grow if our projections are incorrect, or we just find that we eventually have the space. World of Warcraft definitely grew over the years, and that storage space didn’t appear out of nowhere (although it does seem rather magical at times). We find three tabs to be plenty for at least the initial release of the game though. Not counting the items you’re wearing (assuming they’re the best you have), and assuming worst case scenario of nothing but 2-slot items, you’d be able to hold 405 swords per region. That’s a lot. We don’t expect people to be storing 405 swords… hopefully ever, because that might indicate you have an obsession with swords, but at the very least there should be enough storage to start and then we can continue to evaluate as we go.”

Major changes to Diablo 3 after beta feedback

After a lot of feedback received from beta testers Blizzard have gone about many changes to the game, the full post can be read here but below are the main changes:

Scrolls of identification are no longer in the game.
Fifth quick slot button has been moved and is becoming a dedicated potion button.
Removal of the Mystic artisan.
Removal of the Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube.
The Blacksmith artisan will now salvage items.
Common (white) items will no longer be salvageable.
Changing of core character attributes to Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, and Vitality:


+ Barbarian Damage

+ Armor


+ Demon Hunter damage

+ Monk damage

+ Dodge


+ Wizard damage

+ Witch Doctor damage

+ Health from globes


+ Health